1. Can be used in both front and back carry.


2. Provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body.

3. Available in 8 sizes.

4. Includes a sewn, adjusstable flat sleep hood to support baby’s head while asleep and protect from sun or wind


5. Straight, padded, crossable straps for extra comfort when front carrying.

6. Soft, but firm enough waist belt.

7. Thick and soft leg out padding.

8. Easily adjustable chest strap slides up and down so you can find the perfect fit for everybody (and every body).


9. Hooks to attach hood reach straps.


10. Waist buckle on waist belt padded part to better comfort.


11. Loop for toy or pacifier strap.


12. Elastic bands keep excess strap length neat and tidy.